Who, Why & How


  • People living on the edge, starting the long journey back to responsible citizenship.
  • Those moving from treatment or court mandated programs to self motivated peer support.
  • Families, as they heal from the impact of addiction, rebuilding and stabilizing their lives.
  • The community through recovery and prevention outreach programs that are free to the public.


  • 2/3 of Americans view addiction as an illness, something individuals cannot remedy alone.
  • Participation in peer recovery support groups increase the likelihood of maintaining abstinence.
  • New Hampshire’s limited services for treatment and no public structures to aid those in recovery.
  • Every $1.00 spent on treatment and recovery is estimated to return $18.52 in benefits to society.
  • To fill a vital gap in the support structure that can be crucial to initiate and maintain recovery.
  • To elevate awareness of the economic and social contributions of recovering people.


To learn more about How We Help at Keene Serenity Center, please click here to download out “Hand-in-Hand Recovery” brochure.

  • Provide peer to peer recovery services to those struggling with addiction and to their family.
  • Offer Telephone Recovery Support services to those in recovery wanting additional weekly support via phone.
  • Distributing free literature to the public from various recovery programs to help initiate recovery.
  • Offering a drop-in center for the recovery community to reinforce interpersonal skills.
  • Maintaining a library that is geared to help those in recovery enjoy and build a better life.
  • Organizing workshops, lectures and seminars which will enhance recovery and/or educate the public