Peer-to-Peer Recovery Support

Our trained volunteers can help you connect with a Recovery Coach at the Center or in the community. In order to provide more support to peers in recovery or those wishing to initiate recovery, Keene Serenity Center is developing its own Recovery Coaching and Telephone Recovery Support programs in 2017. For more information please call 283-5015 to talk with Jessica or Kristen.

  • Peer Recovery CoachingTrained by the CCAR Recovery Coach curriculum, Recovery Coaches work with people experiencing problems with their use of drugs and alcohol, people who are already in recovery, and people who are concerned about someone else’s substance use. They serve as guides or facilitators, removing obstacles to recovery by connecting recoverers to resources. Coaches help peers to develop personalized recovery and wellness plans, monitoring progress and providing lots of support and encouragement.A Recovery Coach is not a sponsor, caseworker, or clinician. They are peers who have “been there and done that” and can help recoverers establish and maintain a foundation to be successful. They provide feedback and motivation to develop the internal and external resources that play a major role in initiating and sustaining recovery, such as life skills, stable housing, health care, employment, family support, healthy relationships and connections to the community.
  • Telephone Recovery SupportA person in any stage of recovery may sign up and receive weekly calls from a trained volunteer who provides support and encouragement as well as information about community resources, support meetings and available recovery activities that may help them maintain their recovery. A simple phone call can help someone know they are cared about and included. With peer support, people share with each other the joys, sorrows, triumphs, and setbacks of life. The positive impact is limitless! Research shows this is an effective way to improve addiction wellness—more than 80% of people in a telephone recovery support program remain well and in recovery after one year.

All Recovery / Family Support Group – Wednesdays 6:30-8pm

All Recovery Meetings are based on the idea that there are great benefits to bringing people together from different aspects of recovery. These topic discussion meetings are focused on hope and healing by connecting with others who are navigating their recovery or the recovery of a loved one. This group, facilitated by trained coaches, works on strategies and goals for self care, coping, resources, boundaries and follow through. Friends and family members are encouraged to attend and help support each other through sharing and networking with others.

Meridian Therapy (Recovery focused acupuncture) – Wednesdays 1-2pm

Join us every Wednesday from 1pm-2pm for FREE Meridian Therapy offered by Dr. Brooks Seaman. This a\form of medical acupuncture is aimed at reaching recovery points on the body to help various aspects of recovery including cravings, withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, stress and sleep. This is a painless procedure done in a calm and relaxing group setting.

Refuge Recovery – Thursdays 5-6pm

Based on the teachings of Noah Levine, Refuge Recovery takes a Buddhist spiritual approach to the 12 steps and traditions known in other fellowship programs. Each meeting begins with a 20 minute meditation followed by a reading and discussion. Meetings are every Thursday from 5-6pm.

Yoga with Liz – Gentle Yoga for Beginners – Thursdays 3:45-4:45pm

Join Liz Seaman every Thursday from 3:45-4:45pm for beginner/gentle yoga.

End a long day with this relaxing meditative time, or gear up for your second wind before heading home.

Mats and blankets are limited. Please bring your own. Donations welcome.

Center Director, Kristen Vance

Peer Recovery Support Supervisor, Jessica White

Volunteers on staff Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm.